Getting computers to do conversation analysis

Possibilities and limitations

Image Credit: The conduit metaphor of human communication


conversation analysis is both the scientific study of talk. Done by a professional who is arguably better at this than the average person. But conversation analysis also refers to the on-line analysis of the talk of our interloctutors as part of human conversation. We are all lay conversation analyst in this sense. This is also sometimes referred to as “mind reading” - the abilities and the awareness of human conversationalists to accurately infer what their interlocutors are doing during talk, where they are as part of the unfolding of sequences of talk and to more or less accurately guess how their interlocutors feel.

specialist ASR for specialist NLU modules such as sentiment, emotion and stance detection, phonetic asr (microsoft speech-to-phone link)

Andreas Liesenfeld
Andreas Liesenfeld
Postdoc in language technology

I am a social scientist working in Conversational AI. My work focuses on understanding how humans interact with voice technologies in the real world. I aspire to produce useful insights for anyone who designs, builds, uses or regulates talking machines. Late naturalist under pressure. “You must collect things for reasons you don’t yet understand.” — Daniel J. Boorstin