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What is Conversational AI and what is Conversation Analysis?

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Two groups of people that should be talking to each other more. There are the Conversational AI engineers. The people that work in the field of natural language processing and speech processing - all the engineers and computer scientist that have an interest to enable humans to interact more naturally and extensively with technology using speech. And there are the Converation Analysts. Those that work in Conversation Analysis, the scientific study of talk. Based on their shared interest, the scientists and engineers of talk surely have a lot to talk about? It just seems that both communities are not as connected as one might think. Both fields have their own scientific conferences and publication venues, and both professions require a different skill set, one arguably more technical and the other more theoretical. How can we facilitate more engagement of the speech technologist and the Conversation Analyst in each other’s work?

Andreas Liesenfeld
Andreas Liesenfeld
Postdoc in language technology

I am a social scientist working in Conversational AI. My work focuses on understanding how humans interact with voice technologies in the real world. I aspire to produce useful insights for anyone who designs, builds, uses or regulates talking machines. Late naturalist under pressure. “You must collect things for reasons you don’t yet understand.” — Daniel J. Boorstin