Limits of automation in Conversational AI

Looking back at 70 years of work on talking machines. This is a literature review on the prospects of automating talk now and then.

Anthology of EMCA studies on AI

We compile a collection of existing literature in the tradition of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis on the topic of Artifical Intelligence.

Natural Language Understanding in action

Combining video-based analysis and software development, I explore how current NLU technology fares in real-world contexts.

Data-driven frame semantics for dialog systems [Completed]

A series of studies on how to build data-driven pipelines for frame semantics as well as their applications in dialog systems.

Malaysia Cantonese Corpus [Completed]

The Malaysia Cantonese Corpus (馬來西亞粵語語料庫) is a collection of recordings of Malaysian Cantonese naturally-occurring speech mainly collected in Perak, Malaysia.