About the picture that greets the virtual visitor

The header of this website shows part of the painting "The Gramineous Bicycle" by Max Ernst (1920). Max Ernst was an early twentieth century artist and pioneer of the Dada movement. Ernst was reportely fascinated with microscopic images, cutting edge technolgy at that time. The picture combines organic forms with mechanical parts, resembling microorganisms that ride bicycles.

Approaches to representing context and intentions in conversational AI

A review of formalisms that aim to capture intents in language modelling

Can Conversational AI advance the science of talk and language use?

Can the science of language use be advanced using dialog systems, conversational AI, or language models?

The Language as Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) paradigm

Here I critically review work on linguistics and language as Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS). Beyond the hype, has this approach produced substantial findings?

Symbol grounding problem revisited

Has the rise of machine learning changed anything?